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in los angeles office today, at this very hour i skyed with the doctor this morning. >> had the opportunity and the pleasure to meet with him yesterday and he is a great candidate for the procedures. it is really going to be life changing for him and his family the. >> we have a crew in the operating room if los angeles and we will bring you all details we later today at five o'clock. >> wow! >> pretty cool. >> you harnessed the energy of social media, traditional media and shear power. >> someone was generous. >> now a check on the ever changing weather. mike you almost lost your voice but hang in. >> it is rough this only but we will get through this as we got through the heavy rain that fell yesterday. it was more than i expected we. hope it didn't cause you issues. it again. you can see, i just love the clean air coming from canada and you can see 20 or 30 miles from the rooftop. it is a picture perfect day. broadening out the picture, you can see the turning of the clouds, the area of low pressure singing to our south and we have showers around los angeles and san diego
beach, los angeles, the showers in the mountains. look what's coming down through malibu. a little line of rain. that may hold together right into los angeles here over the next half hour or so. so just keep that in mind if you're heading out, you may need the windshield wipers briefly. also, leftover rain shower activity between sacramento and san francisco, but if you're driving on interstate 5, and as far as the weather pattern goes, we'll end up with a pretty good-sized storm off the california coast. a big ole huge high will build down from the north, and that will lead to a high wind event thursday night into saturday. actually call it a mono wind event, something i'd never heard of before, but they can get 100 miles per hour on the downside of the sierras, so high wind warnings i air, and leftover showers in bakersfield. >> so from growing up there, is that a term you heard, mono wind event? >> i was wondering what that highfalutin word was, what was it? >> mono high wind event. >> all right. leave it to you. thank you, bill karins. >>> heart-saving, cancer-saving, waist-slimming
:00 saturday morning. the big picture? we have rain to the south. los angeles and san diego have scattered showers and through the grapevine. mid-60's in los angeles and san diego and low-to-mid 60's through the central valley and 36 in tahoe today. >> we are accident free. 32 bart trains are on time. in san jose, nothing but top speeds as you maybe it northbound and southbound along 280 in and out of cupertino along 85 away from 101 up to cupertino looking clear and continuing up to 101, that is a great drive and 101 is not giving us any problem between 280/680 split and the nimitz is clear. 680 from highway four to walnut creek through pleasant hill is eight minutes and 24 if you need to continue through oakland that is ten minutes and 580 westbound from tracy to dublin has more traffic building but you are still 30 minutes. a psychic and spiritual medium has died at 77. show passed away yesterday at good samaritan hospital in san jose but does nut give a cause. she was a leader in paranormal world for decades appearing on television and radio. she was aware of her psychic abilities when
... >> los angeles... >> san francisco... >> al jazeera america, take a new look at news. >> we find the fault lines that run through communities. >> the shooting happened about 30 minutes ago. >> companies... >> the remains of the fire are still everywhere here. >> the powers that be at home and around the world... >> not only do they not get compensation but you don't even have to explain why? >> well thats exactly what i said. >> we question authority. >> so you said we could get access... >> that's enough! >> ... and those affected. >> investigative journalism at it's toughest. request. >> we're back talking about the jewish muslim story and how it's so often pred skated on what -- predicated on what's subdividing the two. rabbi schneider did your journey with -- i'm sorry with imam ali and the class action on the book that you wrote, did that journey on discoveries that surprised you? >> no question in terms of my own personal evolution, the way that i had seen muslims, the way that i had seen the arab population, in terms of being the enemy, looking to eradicate the state of is
in dallas. los angeles, showers as well, 65 the high. >>> in sports with millions of dollars in salary and his career hanging in the balance, alex rodriguez stormed out of a grievance hearing on his suspension for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs. the new york yankees star was enraged that major league baseball commissioner bud selig was not called to testify. rodriguez is trying to overturn the 211-game ban. after leaving in the middle of the hearing, rodriguez went on a new york sports radio station. he denied using p.e.d.s and obstructing baseball's investigation and said selig has a personal vendetta against him. >> 100% is personal. i think it's about his legacy and it's about my legacy. and he's trying to destroy me. by the way, he's retiring in 2014 and to put me on his big mantel on the way out, that's a helluva trophy. >> rodriguez said selig has never testified in the history of the drug history. rodriguez was scheduled to testify on friday. he said he will not return to the hearings. >>> in other baseball news the texas rangers and detroit tigers have agreed to a
the >> pelley: late today, the los angeles county coroner released its findings in the death of gerardo hernandez, a t.s.a. officer shot in that attack on los angeles international airport. the l.a. police had started an investigation into whether hernandez had been allowed to bleed to death in the 30 minutes before he was evacuated but tonight the coroner's report found that hernandez died within two to five minutes of being shot. we'll be right back. and that relief could be in your hand. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms from acid reflux disease. find out how you can save at there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. avoid if you take clopidogrel. for many, relief is at hand. ask your doctor about nexium. imany cold medicines may raisee your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin hbp it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful
in minneapolis, denver, los angeles, salt lake city, kansas city and dallas. >>> faa investigators are getting work this morning looking into the somewhat bizarre reason for an emergency landing. >> a jetblue flight from ft. myers, florida, to boston, had to land after an evacuation slide deployed inside the cabin. one passenger said the slide pinned a flight attendant into a small area at the front of the plane. >> all of a sudden, there was a big noise. and then, it blew up, like, you know? it was the -- scary. a little scary. >> the flight attendant closest to the slide suffered only minor injuries. none of the other 77 people onboard were hurt. another plane was used to complete the passengers' journey. >>> new rules requiring seat belts for all those onboard large buses are being put into place. the government says beginning in november 2016, all big buses must have lap and shoulder belts for each passenger and the driver. that does not include school or transit buses. the new rules come after a number of accidents, some of them fatal, involving intercity buses. the seat belts could reduc
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the same thing over the next 24 hours. nevada and flash flooding could be a potential. now, los angeles, unfortunately the rain will continue, thursday, friday, easing on saturday. we think you'll resurrect some of your weekend on sunday. high temperatures of 74. showers were a problem across the north of texas and oklahoma. down to the south not too bad. light over the next 24 hours. high temperatures not looking too bad at 74, san antonio 80. houston - that's where the rain will be. low temperatures friday to saturday. dropping to 55. >> a problem-plagued federal healthcare website is hurting the approval ratings of barack obama and his party. we go to rome georgia where tea party candidates are using the troubled to get votes. >> in rome georgia political chatter about what is happening as familiar as the sudden charm of main street. >> 90% of people up there don't have a clue what's going on in the united states. >> rome is home to conservative republican tom graves, one of the architects who wish to repeal obamacare. he can find plenty of supporters in rome who blame
tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley. tonight a conversation with jeffrey wright. he is cursed starring in the second installment of the hunger games titled catching fire. also joined the cast of "boardwalked series empire." we are glad you joined us. a conversation with jeffrey wright coming up right now. ♪ >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. wright'sffrey distinguished career includes a tony award-winning role in "angels in america." earlier this year he joined the cast of hbo's "boardwalk empire" playing a harlem-based gangster. he is starring with jennifer lawrence in the second hunger games. the movie opens this weekend. you know? >> a shimmering. you see it. >> it's like glass. >> look around you, all the holograms and lights. >> because the force field is taking up too much energy. glad to have you back on. your talent is immense. you are so versatile. how did you enter "the hunger games." >> i was asked. director, a brilliant director francis lawrence and i had come close to working together on another of
advantage over tesla because you have that small gasoline engine on board. you could drive from los angeles to new york. with the tesla, you need to plot out your driving and make sure you can find stations to charge along the way. if anything, the design and sexy appeal of the cadillac is gonna trunp some things we see from other competitors. > >thanks for coming on the show. that's james bell of gm. > >my pleasure. thank you. as the government opens a probe into tesla...its ceo is on the defense. its model s is being investigated after two high profile fires, including this incident that was posted on youtube. now, tesla ceo elon musk is venting on twitter...and assuring tesla owners if the government requires a fix, it would come at no cost to drivers. thanks chuck! coming up.... sequels are shining in hollywood.... the films that will have audiences coming back for seconds. and later on in chart talk....will the "apple effect" cut into pandora's profits... we'll be right back! thor is not the best man at the theater any longer. there's competition at the box office. our movie man erik
not know each other, that is the way it is. it is war. >> such gangs began in the streets of los angeles in the 1980's and made their way into central america. heavily tattooed, the man on the right leads the gang of barrio 1 8. in jail for life, he continues to give orders from within his prison cell. more than 20,000 people have been killed across honduras over the past three years. in a country with high levels of poverty and unemployment, gangs region's lucrative drug trade. honduras is a key gateway to the united states. in this hotel room, one of the leaders of barrio 18 agrees to alk. >> to survive, we sell drugs and weapons. we cannot -- that is our life. >> a friend calls. i go with someone. and we are out. >> and you do not feel anything? >> no, why? toyou dig when they come kill us, they will feel something? like he is an orphan who killed for the first time at 14. his gang is his family. ask if i have to kill a guide to say one of our own, i have no problem with that. >> what is the way out for you? >> the only way out for me is death. they will kill me one day. that is for s
to his office and the homeless coalition, there are some cities out there like los angeles, eugene, oregon, and seattle who have programs where they work very closely with the faith community and they have voluntarily set aside some safe parking areas for the houses so they have a safe haven for the vehicles while they are accessing services to transition them into more permanent house and we are in contact with his office and with, graduate program, and usc. and they are very interested in helping us and we have a lot of expertise in evaluating this type of program to see, how effective it is and how it can be implemented we should be hearing from them in the next couple of days of whether or not they would like to take them on. >> and in those situations they are privately owned? >> correct. >> and so our recommendation is continuing to use the rec you lacing and the focus basis concentrate on the areas that have been displaced and the areas that have already have an higher incidence of observed oversight and people park. the areas that we are looking to prioritize our implementa
... >> los angeles... >> san francisco... >> al jazeera america, take a new look at news. the stream is uniquely interactive television. in fact, we depend on you, your ideas, your concerns. >> all these folks are making a whole lot of money. >> you are one of the voices of this show. >> i think you've offended everyone with that kathy. >> hold on, there's some room to offend people, i'm here. >> we have a right to know what's in our food and monsanto do not have the right to hide it from us. >> so join the conversation and make it your own. >> watch the stream. >> and join the conversation online @ajamstream. >> myanmar is home to close to 5,000 elephants in captivity. while some are handled by private owners like saw moo, more than half are in the hands of a single government logging agency, the myanma timber enterprise. much of the story of the timber elephants begins here in its yangon office. >> hi doctors. >> i meet two veterinarians, dr. myo than and dr. myo nay zar, experts on caring for these giant, intelligent animals. >> this elephant diary records the life cycle of the el
the filibuster. joining us from los angeles tonya at kerr of council for the law firm of goldburg loan steen and weather wax. she clerked in the 9th u.s. circuit of appeals. and from providence, rhode island. richard is the author of "defending the filibuster soul of the senate." he intent 34 years as a staff member including 30 years in the u.s. senate. >> i think it is long overdue. let's put rah little bit -- let's give a little context to what the democrats proposed here. and this is precisely the same mechanism that republicans threatened to deploy. in 20006 -- i'm sorry, 2003 when my friend miguel astray da, very conservative, but the democrats filibusters him, a bipartisan group of 14, 14 senates came together and said we are going to stop this process. we are going to let the president's chosen nominees go through, miguel estrada of course withdrew, but what we see in the process it's been common deered by the minority. and i think certainly the constitution does not suggest that 60 votes in the super majority is ryed for presidential judicial nominees. i think the confirmation proce
, los angeles. captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: it's the most sweeping change in a generation in how the senate does your business, as the democratic majority voted to end filibusters on most presidential nominations. good evening. i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. also ahead, afghan president hamid karzai complicated a key security agreement with the u.s., telling tribal leaders it should not be finalized until next year. >> ifill: plus, some familiar faces look back at the assassination of president john f. kennedy. >> the air was filled with the most incredible screaming. it was like choirs all singing out of tune.
, los angeles, irvine y san diego... ---el sindicato que representa a los trabajadores acusa a la administracion de intimidacion y acoso hacia un grupo de sus colegas que participaron en un paro laboral de dos dias realizado en mayo... vo-blanca ---a los padres de la academia "adelante" en el este de san jose, se les ha pedido no alarmarse luego que un estudiante fue diagnosticado con fiebre "escarlata". ---en una carta enviada por administradores del plantel, se explica que aunque la enfermedad es "altamente" contagiosa, puede ser tratada facilmente con antibioticos. ---ademas ya han comenzado a desinfectar salones, cafeteria y sanitarios. stop open cesar ---hoy se conmemora el dia mundial en honor a la "comunidad transgenero" y oakland se ha unido a esta celebracion... take vo ---anoche el concejo de la ciudad aprobo unirse a esta celebracion en respuesta al ataque del joven que se autodefine como "asexuado" sasha fleischman quien sufrio quemaduras de tercer grado en sus piernas tras ser atacado por un menor de edad en un autobus de ac transit... ---la ceremonia de esta noche co
and director of children services for the county hospitals of los angeles. dr. sophie is "outfront." this was a state senator, a prominent family who ran up against the system. couldn't get a bed for his son. if he could not get access, what does it mean for people who are not as fortunate? who are dealing with children who could have horrific problems and be at risk for themselves or others? >> it is a reality. the unfortunate thing. there are no beds. when there is a bed, the criteria to get into that bed of a danger to yourself, danger to others or inability to care for yourself, that criteria is so stringent that it is very difficult to get to that criteria. there are many barriers to getting a child some help. throws the things we're seeing. no matter who you are, as you see with this instance, it doesn't matter. >> we hear these mental issues happening again and again. some people point to them as to why guns are used. in this case, a gun and a knife. aurora, colorado, newtown, connecticut, los angeles airport with the tsa a couple weeks ago. this is, we just keep hearing it
a year ago. in san diego supplies are down 12% and los angeles, down 6%. those lean supplies are pushing prices skyward. the median california home price in october was $357,000, up over 25% from a year ago. that was the 20th consecutive month of annual price gains and the 11th month the gains exceeded 20%. >> i think people feel. >> reporter: ceo of real estate site red fin says higher prices hit not only consumer pocketbooks but consumer confidence. >> you have home prices dropping 50% in 18 months and now they are bouncing back 20% in 12 months. people are competing with wall street speculators, interest rates are going up and down and people are feeling really nervous. they are really jittery that they weren't a decade ago. >> reporter: competition is cooling. the number of listing resulting in bidding wars dropped in october for the 7th street month according to red fin. that's good news for buyers, but not for sellers. the expectation or hope is more homes will come on the market in the new year in time for spring, but will they sale? phoenix saw a 32% jump in the number of homes f
to los angeles, however, it is still unclear whether he will play versus the lakers. that's sports, more news after the break. >>> this is for real. kansas is about to become the world's tallest water slide. it will be about 17 stories tall. riders will shoot down that slide at a minimum of 65 miles an hour. >> where is the netting. >> it's scheduled to open in may. the exact height hasn't been nailed down. it will be taller than the current world record holder in brazil. that's taller that niagara falls and the statue of liberty. >> is there going to be netting? netting on the side? >> it looks very dangerous. >> would you have a bathing suit left by the time you got down? >> good question. thanks for joining us tonight. >> we should be in a scuba outfit. >> yeah. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "the voice," blake shelton! kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb! and the music of imelda may! and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much. we
of communications for the los angeles giants. >> if you think about what our mission is, you probably think our mission is to win the world series every year, which hopefully this year we're on the right track, but actually our mission statement, we just went through an exercise but our mission statement has always been to enrich the community through innovation. and it's very, i am very proud of the fact that the giants have been able to take that mission and bring it into the community through really dynamic partnership with the experts in the field. about 14 years ago, tommy short, my friend in the audience, came to us with sheriff hennesy and asked us to take on a controversial topic of violence and it was 14 years ago we hosted stamp out violence today. we brought together victims of violence, offenders, community leaders working on this issue to raise awareness about the impact of violence in our community. at that time the message was violence is learned and can be unlearned. the thing that the giants have and the reason why we're here today as part of this panel is we have this unique
reform. he oversees the largest prosecutor's office north of los angeles and prosecute about 40,000 cases each year, so he is on the ground. he sees it all. he is however a green bay packer fan but we will forgive him because they lost. >> you should be very happy. you won. >> next to him is richard carranza and the superintendent of san francisco unified, just started in the summer of july. prior to that he was the deputy superintendent of innovation and social justice. [applause] next to richard is nancy o'malley, district attorney for alameda county. she was appointed in 2009 and elected in 2010 and has an amazing background dealing dealing with violence against women and domestic violence, elder abuse, child abuse and threat management. she's a wonderful addition to our panel so thank you nancy. [applause] next to nancy is tony smith who i loved his biobest of all and started he's an oakland resident and parent of students in oakland public schools. he was -- became the superintendent in 2009. he's a local boy including university of california berkeley background wher
around 4,000' of snow but the grapevine will be open all day headed to los angeles and san diego. dry in san francisco and we will look at live doppler 7 hd when we come back. leyla gulen has the traffic. >> good morning everyone, at 6:41. we had several accidents across the bay area with wet roads that could contribute to the accidents. in oakland we have two vehicles blocking one lane westbound along highway 24 coming up to 580 with the red indicating bumper-to-bumper traffic. the app shows a new accident at 7th on 280 northbound a major accident as recorded a minute ago. up to minute accidents are reported by the waze app. go to apple app and google play and you can download it for free. away from the nimitz and passing the accident you still have traffic away from 880. >> new details in the shooting at lax that left a t.s.a. officer dead and several wounds this morning, with the coroner saying t.s.a. officer hernandez died within two to five minutes of being shot after last week's report from the associated press it took 33 members for hernandez
people to come to san francisco. please remember san francisco and los angeles have the second highest tax percentage behind san antonio. san antonio gives 6 percent of their 15 percent to the arts. san francisco does not, the city just keeps it. if we are going to continue to fleece the people, we should be honest with them how anti-tourist the city has become. option 2 is obvious. none of the people i've heard from alamo square have moved out of alamo square. there was a school, the principal changed his pa system, it was so loud within 3 months we moved. if it was that bad you would just move and i don't think it's that bad. >> berry toronto followed by espinola jackson. >> berry toronto. i first wanted to say thanks for reminding me where full house was filmed. but i want to say whatever option you pick, you should require that the tourists see a few episodes of tales of the city so they can appreciate what it looked like years ago and why it needs to be preserved in that state and you continue to allow the enormous amount of busses to go there you are going to ruin the image t
from los angeles, the point is -- and the city of sacramento also has done a parking study for all major cities in california a, that recognize the problem and, c, want to find out what they can do. we are not alone. >> increases the likelihood that something could happen if it's going on all over the state. anyone else care to talk on this. >> thank you, chairman nolan, i wanted to express my gratitude to see this kind of coming together of the community, your leadership from the committee, staff i know worked really hard on this. it's been a long time coming and i think it's a great comprehensive approach to a very serious problem that's affecting all of us. the other night i was trying to do a little early christmas shopping, was driving and
. >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. >> to be continued. cee lo's next hearing is set for january 16th. >>> coming up here, "hunger games" star, jennifer lawrence, is here with us live. and you never know what she'll say. she's the best. you don't want to miss that. >>> and pitbull, taking us backstage at the amas. mr. worldwide. >>> you remember jean-claude van damme's epic split between these two trucks. with enya rolling. it may have been topped. >> whoa. >> oh. >> oh, josh. >> oh. at uwe know you can't afford wrong turns on the road to your future. that's why we build tools like our career guidance system. it's kind of like gps, you know, for your career. it walks you through different degree possibilities and even lets you explore local job market conditions, helping you map a clear course from the job you want, back to you. go to and get started today. [ corbett ] if you haven't checked your medicare drug plan this year, you could be at the corner of "i'm throwing away money" and "i had no idea." well, walgreens has your back. our exper
and prisons into our new asylums. people with schizophrenia and bipolar disease, the los angeles county jail, not even a treatment facility. that's outrageous. craigh dees a man with money and influence who has run for governor, he didn't have the influence? >> i'm going othrow this at both of you right now. we have been to virginia tech, in virginia they went through promises, newtown, and when is something finally going to be done? >> people like my son after five hospitalizations finally got the help he needed. he's doing great. people can recover but to get them to recover, they need services. if you look at virginia for example, like you said after virginia tech they passed 42 million in new money and the next year, they cut 50. if you look at the virginia mental health boards what they want to do, it's not about mental illness, it's about intellectual disabilities. everybody is ashamed about mental illness. >> we've got to wrap it up. doris. >> the fact of the matter is, we have the people who end up in the middle of these tragedies for the most part are people that can't access those
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walked off the job as part of a one day strike at uc medical centers in los angeles, davis, irvine and san diego. union leaders are protesting the way workers are treated by management. >> unfair labor practice strike. they intimidated us on the last strike. >> ucsf said 50 surgeries were postponed. the union and management have yet to agree on a new contract. and the strike restricted access at uc santa cruz. workers are picketing. metro buses dropped off passengers at stops near the entrances rather than going on campus. >>> california could find itself with a $5 billion surplus if projections hold true. the improving economy and new revenue from tax measures have helped the state overcommits long term deficit. the report recommends it sets it aside for a rainy day fund. >> last thing we want them to do is be in the same shape as 2008 where we had no reserves. >> the budget surplus could grow to $9.6 billion. >>> bizarre accident involving a school bus in san francisco. the driver drove the bus into wet cement. a tow truck had to be called in to pull it out. it got stuck about 2:
into custody. >>> the los angeles county coroner's office says the officer killed at l.a.x. died in two to five minutes. he lay wounded inside the airport even after the suspected gunman was in custody. law enforcement officials say paramedics were kept away for 33 minutes while the airport was secured. there were concerns hernandez could have possibly been saved if he had received treatment sooner. suspected gunman paul ciancia faces several charges that could lead to the death penalty. >>> southwest airlines is the latest to adopt the faa's newly relaxed rules on electronic devices. flyers can now keep their devices on throughout the flight, and get on the internet as soon as they board. but that's only for smartphones, e-readers and tablets. laptops still have to be stowed during takeoff and landing. >>> minutes from the latest federal reserve meeting similar to indicate it could start pulling back on its stimulus efforts if the job market keeps improving. >>> more rain possible overnight. but what's next? the complete forecast in five minutes. >> we're deep below ground, getting an exclusiv
, but no suspects have been taken into custody. >>> the los angeles county coroner's office says the officer killed at l.a.x. died in two to five minutes. he lay wounded inside the airport even after the suspected gunman was in custody. law enforcement officials say paramedics were kept away for 33 minutes while the airport was secured. there were concerns hernandez could have possibly been saved if he had received treatment sooner. suspected gunman paul ciancia faces several charges that could lead to the death penalty. >>> southwest airlines is the latest to adopt the faa's newly relaxed rules on electronic devices. flyers can now keep their devices on throughout the flight, and get on the internet as soon as they board. but that's only for smartphones, e-readers and tablets. laptops still have to be stowed during takeoff and landing. >>> minutes from the latest federal reserve meeting similar to indicate it could start pulling back on its stimulus efforts if the job market keeps improving. >>> more rain possible overnight. but what's next? the complete forecast in five >>> uc hospital workers ar
love jet. >> me too. he has a tattoo on his shoulder in script letters that says "los angeles." what a douche. you should be disqualified for that. >> there should be a robot monster created that goes through town and strips tattoo off people who don't deserve them, like posers who are not construction workers or military. people who deserve them. cops deserve them. not him. the machine has to come and shred the ink right off you. it could be painless, but it could be painful. >> military is not allowed to have tattoo up to a certain point. >> it has to be on areas where like up here because you might get a job interest -- interview and you don't want tattoos on your wrist. >> i signed a guy's ass after a show one time and he had my name tattooed on his heinie. true story of the he had plump cheeks too. >> it is will ford brimley. he is a huge fan. he can make your name do weird things. >> i was like really? >> this guy had your name tattooed on his buttocks? >> just on one cheek. >> oh that's normal then. i thought it was both cheeks. >> it would be creepy if it went from one to the
herself, because later today we get on a plane and we go to los angeles and i'm going to be with jay leno and hoda is going to be with blake shelton. >> blake shelton is going to be on "the tonight show" and so are we. >> he's our opening act is the way i look at it. >> do you know what jay and blake have in common, i think? >> no. >> they both have kind of wide faces. don't you think? >> i think of jay's as long, but if you want to say it's wide, okay. shall we look? >> well, i don't know. there's a new study out that says women are more attracted to wide-faced men. >> not to marry, though, just to -- >> cause -- >> go to poughkeepsie, if you know what i mean. >> because they say wide-faced men seem to be powerful, wealthy, and in charge and aggressive and all those things. see, that's a wide face. >> but, you see, it's also very long. >> it's long and wide. okay. >> like his talent. >> oh, see, isn't that a wide face? and a good -- i mean a good -- i don't think wide is bad. >> well -- >> no, it's not. >> the mayor of toronto has a wide face, and i don't find him particularly attractive
to dinner. in los angeles in july. she climbs the next thing she remembers is waking up in his hotel room. green was cleared of sexual assault because of a lack of evidence but got hit with the felony drug charge instead he pleaded not guilty and will be back in court and jury. january i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. with qualifying bundles. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: at six. the rain left a mess around >> pam: the bay area. cal- trans flooding on northbound 101 at paul avenue. >> pam: cars went around the far right lane, as crews worked
and director of children's services for the county hospitals of los angeles. dr. sophie is out front. this was a state senator, a prominent family who ran up against a systemers couldn't get a bed for his son. a connected guy who knew what he was doing. if he couldn't get access what does it mean for people who are not as fortunate, who are dealing with children who could be horrific problems and be a risk to themselves an others? >> it's a reality is the unfortunate thing here. because there are no beds. when there is a bed the criteria to get into that bed of a danger to yourself, danger to others or inability to care for yourself, that criteria is so stringent that it's very difficult to even get to that criteria there are many barriers to getting a child some help. those are the things we're seeing. no matter what you are as you see with this instance it doesn't matter. >> we hear these mental issues happening again and again. some people point them as why guns are used, why emphasized in this case it was a gun and knife. auro aurora, colorado, the navy yard in washington, d.c.,
the hour. >>> a los angeles judge is sending singer chris brown back to rehab. he checked into anger management last month after an assault arrest in washington. brown was reportedly discharged after he threw a rock threw his mother's car window. the judge cited the incident while handing down three months of therapy, along with drug testing and he added some community service. brown is due in court in washington next week. >>> a settlement in the $3 million lawsuit against lance armstrong, the disgraced former cyclist was sued by an insurance companies that paid him every time he won the tour de france. turns out he didn't win any tour de france's. he was accused of using performance-enhancing drugs earlier this year. no world on the settlement round. armstrong faces two more potentially lawsuits. >>> i won't ask you about that because you may lose your head. >>> a blockbuster trade in major league baseball. literally one of the biggest players in the game is on the move! andy scholes breaks it all down in "the bleacher report "! ! mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ fema
their debate, look for coverage on c-span two this morning. lori, los angeles, hello. i have a question to ask the representative. strongly about social security, medicare, and medicaid. my husband has cancer and epilepsy. if you cut social security, medicare, medicaid, my husband would literally die. first, know that many discussions on that deal with future programs and what they would look like. we would not do anything to harm you or your husband right now. that. there about are some changes that can be made and need to be made to preserve it for the future. with the money in these funds scheduled to run out, depending on the program you are talking about, the three years for social security disability, 10 years for medicare part a, social security is more like 20 years, it is time and it is prudent to take steps to preserve them. we cannot just keep kicking the can down the road, but people need to rest assured whether you are a senior citizen or a person on disability or social security or medicare that the people here as we have these discussions are going to be very, very conscience of
of the nation's top hospitals, including the mayo clinic in minnesota, cedar sinai in los angeles, and children's hospitals in seattle, houston, st. louis are cut out of most plans sold on the exchange. in most cases the decision was about the cost of care. here's how obamacare is hurting one family. in seattle, the region's predominant insurer, premiere blue cross, decided not to include the children's hospital as an in network provider, except in cases where the service sought cannot be obtained anywhere else. children's nonunique services were too expensive given the goal of providing affordable coverage for consumers. the spokesman said in an email. which brings up the point, the president wants to provide everybody health insurance, and some of us, like me, were more concerned with getting them quality health care that was affordable. all this talk about insurance, insurance, insurance. the bigger more important question should have been can we get them health care they can afford? one of the biggest promises was, it will lower most everybody's cost. it turns out that was not true at all.
was arrested at a home of a relative nearby. >>> new details about the tsa agent killed at los angeles international airport. we now know he died two to five minutes after he was shot. the coroner's report comes after two law enforcement officials said agent gerardo hernandez did not receive aid until 33 minutes after the gunman opened fire. the autopsy information was released because of pressure to clarify when hernandez died. >>> today in sacramento state health officials could decide to go against president obama's wishes on obamacare. the issue is whether people can keep their insurance coverage if it doesn't comply with the affordable care act. the plan before the board that oversees "covered california" would not allow those noncompliant policies after march 31. >>> time now 6:11. sarah palin back in the spotlight but this time, it's not over something she said but the car she drove. why wasilla city officials hope her suv will be a big financial boost. plus -- >> he is a big help. he is like oh, yeah you can do it. you got to finish your homework. >> kids refer to him by nickn
clinical trial of hospice care that was conducted in a v.a. hospital in los angeles county. we found much greater satisfaction with t type of care the patient received, both from the patient's point-of-view and their significant other's point-of-view. we thought we would see differences in pain management because hospice has this very... futuristic outlook that you manage the pain in any way you can, whatever drugs are required. but what we found was that the levels of pain and the pain experience of the hospice patients was really not too different from that for the other patients in the hospital. because of that, we went back to research how pain management had changed at this v.a. hospital over time, because what we suspected and what we were able to prove was that having a hospice in the hospital changed the way pain was managed by other units in the hospital. hospice care can be provided in the home or in specialized care settings. typically what'll happen is we help them set up hospice in the home, which allows a number of services to take effect so that they have more nursing avail
it happy. here they are. read is the way up. a project of city national bank in los angeles provided books to more than 100,000 children. little free library based in wisconsin has established book exchanges in over 7,000 locations around the world. i think we have an example of one in the back over here. you can take a look at. also, we have over there an example from the unit any project based here in new york. portal and temporary spaces this to reading rooms. the uprise project. the book project you loved this based in vancouver, washington. challenges young-underprivileged teens to read by banned books. some of the greatest books are banned by author famous authors and world reader based in seattle, washington provides e-books to poor children in africa. has already delivered over 480,000 books to 10,000 children who read more and better than ever before. i ask the winners to stand and be recognized. let's give them some recognition for this great work. [applause] [applause] all right. now a few years ago people didn't think we were serious when the national book awards -- added an af
plans like cedars-sinai in los angeles, the may oh clinic, the seattle children's hospital are not going to be part of most of these plans. that begs a big question here. is what we are going to end up with sort of a rich medical system and then the poor and middle class medical system and is that what the president had in mind here? >> yes, that was the unspoken secret about obamacare. it was designed to basically tax the middle class and redistribute that money to the poor in terms of expanding medicaid or getting people on bronze plans that are essentially from a. that was the whole point but they didn't say that. but instead they said everyone would be the winner, there would be no losers. middle class people who find it hard to pay for insurance they currently have are told you will have to pay for things you don't need to subsidize poor people. that's what liberalism is about. but they weren't honest about what they were pitching. they were saying everyone is going to come out of this on top and that wasn't true. martha: in terms of this system, like the system we see in england an
step on a plane in jakarta at wreck -fest and be in los angeles by lunch, we are increasingly focused on the threat posed by global pandemics. at the same time we have continued to support governments and health care providers across the region to improve public health. for example we are working closely with bangladesh on our joint pledge to end preventable child deaths and we are collaborating with indonesia to improve maternal and infant health in rural communities. america has a stake in asia's children, growing up to be productive members of society. that is why we are investing in early childhood education, expanding access to post-secondary school training at universities and vocational institutions all throughout the region. we are working especially closely with ozzy on nations on this goal, establishing several new programs to help young people of southeast asia develop new skills and opportunities and equally we have an economic as well as a moral state in elementary -- in every facet of asia-pacific and therefore we are helping to prevent and respond to gender based violen
. abc's brandi hitt has the latest. >> reporter: ceelo green was back in a los angeles courtroom after a day after his appearance on the nbc reality show "the voice." the 39-year-old grammy award-winning artist whose real name is thomas decarlo callaway is facing a felony charge of furnishing a controlled substance. during a dinner last year, prosecutors say green slipped a woman the drug mdma, better known as ecstasy. the two then went back to her hotel room where the woman claims she woke up naked next to the singer not knowing how she got there. ♪ maybe i'm crazy >> reporter: the popular entertainment figure behind the hit "crazy" pleaded not guilty and his attorneys claim the accusations are false and unfounded. >> bail remains $30,000. >> prosecutors also did not charge the singer with sexual assault. >> if only one juror has reasonable doubt in this case, then the prosecution will lose. and i will tell you cee lo green is a very, very popular singer. ♪ >> reporter: the "forget you" music mogul will appear in court in january when a date is expected to be set for his prelimina
... >> seattle bureau... >> washington... >> detroit... >> chicago... >> nashville... >> los angeles... >> san francisco... >> al jazeera america, take a new look at news. >> we find the fault lines that run through communities. >> the shooting happened about 30 minutes ago. >> companies... >> the remains of the fire are still everywhere here. >> the powers that be at home and around the world... >> not only do they not get compensation but you don't even have to explain why? >> well thats exactly what i said. >> we question authority. >> so you said we could get access... >> that's enough! >> ... and those affected. >> investigative journalism at it's toughest. >> bombshell after the u.s. and ago reach a deal on the future which u.s. troops on the ground, karzai tells a group he doesn't trust america. >> still no deal as world powers sit down for a second day at that tehran takes a tougher stance on its nuclear program. >> heading to rehab, a congressman takes a leave of absence to receive treatment after bleeding guilty to cocaine possession. >> a fitting nesting place for a president. >> th
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